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They Said

Lovely words from people who read the book.

Dennis J. Lutz
Past President of IBNS

In 2013 Dr. Ali Mehilba published the first edition of his monumental world paper money collecting catalog appropriately titled, “Mehilba World Replacement” (MWR). It was enthusiastically embraced by the world numismatic community and received the 2013 Book of the Year Award from the International Bank Note Society (IBNS). It has already joined the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, now in three volumes but initially conceived by Albert Pick, and World War II Remembered by C. Fredrick Schwan and Joseph E. Boling on the very short library list of “must have” general numismatic books for both collectors and dealers.

Peter Symes 
Past President of IBNS

There are so very many aspects to collecting world banknotes; I sometimes think it is not possible for two collectors of banknotes to collect the same theme.

Of course this is not true, there are many collectors who share common interests in world banknotes, be it by country, issuing authority or by theme.

One of the more popular aspects of collecting banknotes is collecting replacement notes; either for the countries in which a collection is assembled, or for a replacement note from any country.


Neil and Joel Shafer

The third edition of the Mehilba World Replacement (MWR) catalog is a testament to the ongoing relevance and importance of this reference work in the numismatic community. Since its debut, collectors have consistently utilized this catalog and it has become an essential part of their library.
What is particularly noteworthy is that interest in this field goes beyond monetary value. World replacement notes continue to be the subject of expanded research and collectors are fascinated by the nuances of replacements, with the process being as important as the end result. This has made a revised catalog imperative to keep up with changes and meet market demands.

Richard Pontario

Welcome to the greatly expended second edition of “Modern World Replacement Note”. A large amount of new information has been added to this edition and will be a welcome addition to the libraries of collectors these fascinating notes.
Use of this book has grown immensely since the release of the first edition, as collectors are now more fully able to understand these notes, their rarities and values.

Collecting replacement notes has finally come into its own and those collectors who are interested in this fascinating field can now benefit from all research and hard work that Dr. Mehilba has put into this great book.

J.M.J.M. Seems

It’s wonderful that Ali and I have been friends for over 25 years. His hard work and research has paid off, resulting in this amazing book about replacement notes. It’s a great resource for collectors and those interested in the topic, and I’m sure everyone who reads it will enjoy it just as much as I did. With the second edition, Ali has added several countries and discoveries, and he plans to add even more with the third edition. This book is sure to be an invaluable resource for anyone looking to learn more about replacement notes.

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