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Neil and Joel Shafer

The third edition of the Mehilba World Replacement (MWR) catalog is a testament to the ongoing relevance and importance of this reference work in the numismatic community. Since its debut, collectors have consistently utilized this catalog and it has become an essential part of their library.

What is particularly noteworthy is that interest in this field goes beyond monetary value. World replacement notes continue to be the subject of expanded research and collectors are fascinated by the nuances of replacements, with the process being as important as the end result. This has made a revised catalog imperative to keep up with changes and meet market demands.

Value, however, cannot be ignored. One appeal of replacement notes is that even with the MWR catalog, many are still under-appreciated for their rarity. As collectors become increasingly aware of what is truly scarce and rare, price disparities within the same issue will continue to develop. Additionally, there are still many older types yet to be discovered, providing exciting opportunities for collectors.

On the other hand, for enthusiasts who enjoy pursuing new issues at modest prices, replacement notes provide a significant expansion of their collecting area. Furthermore, as we know, sometimes these new issues become short-lived, elevating the value of replacement notes for those issues even higher.

Whether it is the unexpected joy of finding a replacement note in a mixed group or the thrill of the labeled notes, the allure of replacements provides a rewarding search and unique discovery opportunity. Our field is indebted to Dr. Ali Mehilba and all contributors for their hard work in compiling this important reference work.

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