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Richard Ponterio

Welcome to the greatly expended second edition of “Modern World Replacement Note”. A large amount of new information has been added to this edition and will be a welcome addition to the libraries of collectors these fascinating notes.
Use of this book has grown immensely since the release of the first edition, as collectors are now more fully able to understand these notes, their rarities and values.

Collecting replacement notes has finally come into its own and those collectors who are interested in this fascinating field can now benefit from all research and hard work that Dr. Mehilba has put into this great book.
Replacement issue banknotes represent just one of the myriad complexities in the sphere of paper money collecting. Along with other enigmatic or specialty issues these notes can create confusion for beginning and experienced collectors and dealers alike.

While a good number of major note producing countries’ methods and practices for replacement notes are known, information on newer or smaller countries is incredibly hard to find, if it has been published at all. This void of information has long needed to be filled by a single reference rather than being relegated to small sections in country specific texts.
With his new all-in-one world survey of replacement note standards and practices Dr. Mehilba has contributed to the numismatic world a great volume of knowledge which I am sure will set the standard for any other such works on this topic.
His meticulous research, drawn from his life-long passion for this hobby, is presented in a logical and easy to understand text with full color examples to aid in the understanding of even the most complex nuances of replacement notes.
This reference will be a great asset to collectors and dealers of all levels both now and in the future of this expanding hobby.
My sincere congratulations and thanks to Dr. Mehilba on the completion of this most important addition to the greater understanding of the intricacies of paper money from around the globe.

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