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Peter Symes

Past President International Bank Note Society

There are so very many aspects to collecting world banknotes; I sometimes think it is not possible for two collectors of banknotes to collect the same theme.

Of course this is not true, there are many collectors who share common interests in world banknotes, be it by country, issuing authority or by theme.

One of the more popular aspects of collecting banknotes is collecting replacement notes; either for the countries in which a collection is assembled, or for a replacement note from any country.


Such is the interest in replacement notes, it is intriguing a consolidated work on replacement notes has not been available for some years; and previous efforts to assemble data have been rudimentary at best. This is not to say there has not been excellent studies which have included a record of replacement notes, it is simply the case the research and record of replacement notes is commonly in specific dedicated studies and catalogues of individual countries.


The book now in your hands is a serious study on replacement notes. At last the work has been done, by collating information from all over the world. Information has been gleaned from published studies, the unpublished records of many collectors, and from observations by the author and contributors to this study.


It is invariably true that one person cannot achieve great works by themselves. Although the author of this study, Dr. Ali, is not responsible for making all the observations in this study or recording much the information, it is his enthusiasm, dedication and drive to use all the resources at his command to assemble such a wealth of knowledge on the subject of replacement notes, which must be commended.


I have known Dr. Ali for many years and of his traits, enthusiasm is one of his best. He has previously harnessed his enthusiasm to research, write and publish other books on banknotes; and now replacement notes have received his attention. This book is by collectors for the collecting fraternity and undoubtedly it will find a wide audience and wide appreciation. I congratulate Dr. Ali’s enterprise and, in congratulating his efforts, I know I am pre-empting the accolades this work will receive.

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